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Cutifass pomata acuta

Cutifass Ointment for acute wounds 50ml


Cutifass Pomade

Medical device CE, class II, sterile.
Ointment indicated in the local treatment of acute wounds (degree I and II burns, dermabrasion, hypertrophic scarring, traumatic wounds and other skin lesions), chronic wounds (venous, arterial ulcers, bedsores) favoring granulation and epithelialisation, irritation from post-peeling treatment and post-surgical scars, irritation from sun exposure, diaper irritation.
- Soothing activity: reduces both pain and itching.
- Moisturizing activity: establishes a microclimate that promotes healing.
- The bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect limits the risk of infection in case of uninfected wounds and / or risk of infection and eliminates bad odor.
- Inflammatory and adsorbent activity with the result of a lower exudate that ensures the right degree of humidity and better healing.
- Does not adhere to fabrics and removal is painless.
- Due to its characteristics, its application is indicated for those parts of the body that are difficult (anatomical folds).
- Promotes epithelization post-chemical or laser peeling and in post-surgical areas.

How to use
Treatment involves one or more applications per day, as appropriate. These applications, depending on the extent, extent and location of the manifestations, can be reduced to simple absorption massages, just as it may be necessary to cover the part with a layer of ointment.

Do not use in case of adverse reaction to one of the components of the product.
In case of side effects consult your doctor.
Do not use hydrogen peroxide.
In case of burns, when applying the ointment you may feel pain that will subside after a few minutes.
For deep sores it is not necessary to put more gauze at the same time or more ointment.
In case of redness in the perilesional areas, cover with cream vaseline.
The product is disposable and cannot be sterilized.
Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Store the product away from wet areas, heat sources and do not expose to light.

Olive oil (olea europea L.); sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus L.); Beeswax; rosin; hydrogenated castor oil (Ricinus communis L.); boswellia (Boswellia serrata); bismuth (subgallate Bismuth); calendula (Calendula officinalis L.); camphor (Cinnamonum canphora); plantago; paraffin oil.


50 ml tube

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